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I guess my interest in radio came from listening to Radio1 in its heyday (well it was for me), Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds, Simon Bates, Steve Wright; they all sounded like they were having so much fun, and getting to play great music as well as meet the people who made the music. I still regard some of the names above as the best people at that job.

My musical tastes are quite varied, due to my advancing years the 80s hold a special place but I'm not adverse to a bit of rock, classical, recent chart and you should see the state of me if a good power ballad comes on the wireless!

It was all of these factors that drew me to hospital radio. My first involvement was with EHBS (now Red Dot) in Edinburgh, I was a producer there (I produced for a man who now can be heard on the BBC presenting/commentating on the footy) but my involvement with Radio Grapevine started a bit after that. I was in the hospital visiting a friend and spotted a poster looking for volunteers, well little did I know that twenty odd years later I would still be involved!

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